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Swasth DHA

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) is mostly extracted from fish/marine source. People uptake omega 3 fatty acids by consuming fish or have supplements/fortified food with DHA extracted from fish oil. However, fish themselves do not synthesize DHA but get from algae part of their foodchain. Considering issues like contamination, dwindling source of fish supply, varied concentration of DHA content; we get from the source (algae) grown in controlled environment.

The vegetarian diet relies on conversion of alpha linolenic acid(ALA) to DHA but it is very limiting. About 30% of India's population is vegetarian and the non-vegetarian diet does not consume the appropriate amount of cold water fish to meet the body requirements.

Problems with products containing DHA are:

  • Bad olfactory and organoleptic properties
  • DHA is very unstable (gets oxidized easily)
  • Induces gastrointestinal distress and leads to fishy burps
  • DHA is insoluble in water

Thus, a proprietary microencapsulation technique was developed which addresses the aforementioned issues and develop end consumer products like gummies for children, ready to mix drinks, cookies, etc.Venketesh Biosciences sources DHA from algae grown in controlled environment. Thus, it is vegetarian, contaminant free and sustainable source of DHA. High quality algae oil is converted to DHA Powder (Swasth DHA) via the proprietary microencapsulation technique which can be used to supplement DHA via different formulations and dry mixes.

100% vegetarian (algal source)


Devoid of ocean borne contaminants and pollutants

Sustainable natural supply for DHA

Better olfactory and organoleptic properties

Increased stability at room temperature and longer shelf life

Cold water soluble allowing increased application

Optimum fortification with increased bioavailability

Products with Swasth DHA

A colourful delight for kids which helps in the cognitive development of your child. It is a pectin based 100% vegetarian gummies available in raw mango, guava and orange flavours providing DHA in a delicious manner.


Open, mix and drink. Keep your heart and brain healthy. A new way of consuming DHA without any fishy odour or burps. It is 100% vegetarian ready to mix powder available in fruity flavours And is available in both sugar and sugar free variants.

Ready to Mix DHA Drink Powder

Happy gut, happy you. Probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to work in synergy and thus enhancing the benefits of DHA. This product contains Ganeden BC30 bacterial strain as probiotic which is a very stable at harsh conditions and its spores start dividing after reaching smaller intestine. It is a 100% vegetarian product and is available in fruity flavours with both sugar and sugar free variants.

Ready to Mix DHA + Probiotic Drink Powder