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Swasth DHA

DHA is insoluble in water, has a characteristic strong fishy smell and is generally unpleasant to consume. The common source of DHA is fish. The DHA content from fish sources are generally inconsistent; contain contaminants and pollutants.

We have developed a proprietary technique of microencapsultion of DHA oil producing “Swasth DHA'' (10% microencapsulted DHA powder). This solves aforementioned issues and can be used for various nutraceutical and pharmaceutical formulations, products and bases. Venketesh Biosciences sources DHA from algae grown in a controlled environment. Thus, Swasth DHA is 100% vegetarian.

Other DHA ingredients:

  • DHA Powder from algal source
  • DHA oil from algal source

Illuminate Gummies

Say goodbye to tablets and pills. Say hi to a treat beyond just a sugar packed confectionery. Your healthy alternative to tasty gummies. Venketesh Biosciences presents Illuminate - 100% vegetarian gummies.

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DHA enriched RTM Drink

Open, mix and drink. Keep your heart and brain healthy. A new way of consuming DHA without any fishy odour or burps. It is 100% vegetarian ready to mix powder available in fruity flavours And is available in both sugar and sugar free variants.

DHA enriched probiotics

Happy gut, happy you. Probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids have been proven to work in synergy and thus enhancing the benefits of DHA. This product contains Ganeden BC30 bacterial strain as probiotic which is a very stable at harsh conditions and its spores start dividing after reaching smaller intestine. It is a 100% vegetarian product and is available in fruity flavours with both sugar and sugar free variants.

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